EnviroMetro is an ad-hoc coalition that has formed to try to achieve green policy outcomes from a potential 2016 transportation ballot measure. Rather than continuing business as usual, this group of forward-thinking organizations is urging Metro to shift its investment priorities such that it ushers in a new era of green, equitable, and healthy transportation in Los Angeles.

Through technical advisory committee working groups, the EnviroMetro coalition is continuing to develop policy recommendations to reduce emissions; enhance equity and public health; integrate natural assets into first-last mile strategy; and incorporate green infrastructure. More on our priorities.


The coalition's core planning team is made up of the following organizations:

Other organizations supporting the work of the coalition include:


If you would like to find out more information about EnviroMetro and/or get involved with the work that lies ahead of us, please contact Bryn Lindblad, Associate Director, Climate Resolve, blindblad@climateresolve.org, 213-634-3790 x102.