Welcome Therese McMillan!

Last night, the EnviroMetro coalition had the pleasure of hosting a welcome reception for Metro’s new Chief Planning Officer Therese McMillan. Therese returns home to Los Angeles, after almost seven years at the Federal Transit Authority in Washington D.C., the last two of which she served as the acting head of the department. For those who don’t know Therese, she is an incredibly warm, friendly and thoughtful soul! Addressing the group last night, she made it clear that she wants to bring a lot of listening and decision making in areas where decisions have not been made and she embraces the idea of a “big table” where Angelenos can have difficult conversations and work together towards solutions that work for everyone. Topics of interest raised by the group included:

  • the role of transit-oriented development in improving neighborhoods and tools for preventing displacement of residents who make up the core transit ridership
  • the importance of including public participation at the conceptual stage of the transportation infrastructure provision process and not just adding it in as an afterthought
  • the broad spectrum of multi-modal transportation options that Metro is responsible for, which will soon include a TAP card-integrated bike-share system

Therese is a strong leader in the transportation field, committed to building cross-sectoral connections; last night she mentioned her passion for exploring the intersection between transportation and public health and finding those areas where we can have conversations that lead to real positive change. We are very excited to have her on board and can’t wait to work with her as LA embarks on its “transportation renaissance.”