Through technical advisory committee working groups, the EnviroMetro coalition is continuing to develop policy recommendations for the following priorities:

  • Reduce Emissions — the transportation sector is currently responsible for the majority of Los Angeles’ greenhouse gas emissions and air quality pollutants. To protect the health of our climate and most vulnerable populations, these emissions must be reduced.
  • Enhance Equity & Public Health — disadvantaged communities are most reliant on public transit and active forms of transportation, but displacement threatens their ability to access these unsatisfactory networks. Place emphasis on providing low-cost and safe mobility options to connect underserved communities with employment options and open space.
  • Integrate Natural Assets Into First/Last Mile Strategy — the region’s river corridors are currently underutilized and could provide a safe and healthy setting for an active transportation network of trails.
  • Incorporate Green Infrastructure — in all Metro construction projects, consideration should be taken towards stormwater management, tree canopy cover, the urban heat island effect, and shifts in wildlife habitat.

By acting on these priorities now, the EnviroMetro coalition believes that Metro has the opportunity to not only avoid potentially damaging consequences of a business-as-usual transportation sector, but it can actually drastically improve the quality of life for all residents and create a more sustainable, healthy and livable Los Angeles County.

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