Next Gen Bus Study April 2019 Update

Metro wants to make bus service better to suit people’s needs! They have been analyzing trip data and engaging with the public to transform the  bus system, including more frequent and reliable service, and more mid-day, evening and weekend service. At April’s NextGen Bus Study working group meeting, Metro unveiled a service concept of fewer bus routes and with stops that are spaced farther apart, but run buses at much greater frequency. Metro is also looking at creating dedicated lanes that let buses  bypass traffic, give transit signal priority, and allow for all-door boardings. They think this could cut travel times for bus trips by ~22% or more. What do you think? Let Metro know at

At the May NextGen working group meeting, we’ll be discussing how to ensure that equity is enhanced with this bus system overhaul. Then in June, we expect to see lines on the map for where the proposed bus routes will be. We’ll keep you updated, and you can also sign-up for updates directly from Metro here