Your Feedback Wanted on Metro PAC Draft Policy Papers

Metro staff has identified 17 themes to be addressed in the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) update, and is now calling on the Metro Policy Advisory Council (PAC) to help them develop these concepts in policy papers over the next few months. The LRTP is essentially an outline for how Metro plans to spend Measure M and other available funds, and the policy papers are meant to address how each theme will be integrated into that investment plan.

The themes are being taken up on a rolling basis. This month, the following four topics have been introduced:

  • Transit Oriented Communities
  • Public Private Partnerships –P3s
  • Transportation Demand Management (TDM)
  • Shared Mobility, and the Goods Movement

Metro staff have shared outlines of how they’re thinking about addressing those themes, but those are still pretty bare-boned, meaning there’s a lot of room for your input yet! You can find those draft policy paper outlines here, and please let us hear your feedback on them!

Express your input by leaving a comment below or contacting your PAC representative, Bryn Lindblad, Deputy Director of Climate Resolve, by e-mail ( or phone (213-634-3790 x 102).

We hope to hear from you soon!