Active Transportation Program Draft Guidelines- Your Input Wanted!

For the first time, Metro is creating a regional Active Transportation Program (ATP). It will utilize new Measure M dollars to be a source of competitive funds to support the development of regional active transportation connections. A draft outline of that new program’s guidelines has been released to the Policy Advisory Council (PAC) and can be found here. What do you think about it? Have any good ideas for directions that the draft guidelines should take? Please let us hear from you early while the draft guidelines are still quite moldable! Preferably, get us your feedback before this Wednesday, 1/24/18 at 3:00 pm (when the PAC has an initial call on this subject), either by leaving a note in the comment section below or by contacting your PAC representative, Bryn Lindblad, Deputy Director of Climate Resolve, by e-mail ( or phone (213-634-3790 x 102).