What do we want? A Chief Sustainability Officer at Metro! When do we want it? Now!

We’re asking for your tweets to make that happen.

Background: In 2016, a motion was made by the Metro Board of Directors to prioritize environmental and sustainability efforts that further Metro’s goals to reduce emissions, clean the air, better manage stormwater, and improve urban areas. The goals range from reducing NOx emissions by 80% in 2025 to requiring that new construction projects use sustainable design and building materials. Over three years later, we still haven’t seen agency-wide sustainability metrics to track progress (or lack thereof) towards meeting these goals. Metro is falling short on implementing the Board directive, and one big reason is the lack of a Chief Sustainability Officer to assist in holding the agency accountable. Therefore, we are tweeting at Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, Metro Board Chair, to direct the CEO to hire a Chief Sustainability Officer. The Officer would ensure follow through on the Metro Board’s sustainability-related priorities, and move transportation forward with environmental justice and sustainability at the center. Please take a moment to send a tweet, and copy and paste text from below. Let’s get things done! Let’s get a Chief Sustainability Officer at Metro!

Tweet:  .@SheilaKuehl We need your continued leadership – 🔑 to follow through on sustainability goals: direct Metro to hire a Chief Sustainability Officer! 🙏 We’re counting on you. #gometro