Ways Measure M Could Help Communities

One of the many ways Measure M could help Angelenos is by bolstering communities. Measure M’s projects could help communities in Los Angeles with projects to:

Keep Fares Affordable: The plan includes provisions to keep transit fares affordable, and even makes a new commitment to subsidize fares for students, seniors and the disabled. It will also improve the service that is offered, aiming to serve the people that need it most.


Create Job Opportunities: Metro is also a leader in the space of progressive labor agreements, committing that more than 40% of construction hours will be performed by people living in low-income communities. With the 465,000 new jobs that the measure is anticipated to create, this could be a real ladder for social mobility.

Make Streets Safer for Everyone: Much needed investments in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure would make our streets safer for everyone. Building out the Greenway network along the region’s storm water catch basins, abandoned rail lines, and utility corridors will create an even safer (and more pleasant!) space for people to walk and bike away from car traffic.

Improve Public Health: Investments in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure would make our streets safer for everyone, encourage more active transportation, and improve public health. Health detriments, such as asthma from smog, decrease with green infrastructure.

Keep Neighborhoods Cool: Tree canopy cover along streets, shade structures at bus stops, and cool (high reflective) surfaces will help combat the urban heat island effect, which is especially important now that climate change is increasing the number of extreme heat days in our region. Bonus: By greening our concrete jungle, streets become more appealing community spaces and the local economic activity increases.

Improve Access to Green Spaces: An effort is underway to create public transit connections to parks and open spaces, making our region’s incredible natural landscapes available for all to enjoy. This plan would boost that effort, reducing transportation barriers to equitable access to parks. Bonus: spending time in open, green spaces encourages physical activity and is a boost to physical and mental well-being.



On November 8, we all have the chance to vote “yay” or “nay” on this plan to transform the transportation landscape in LA. Are you registered to vote? Have you had a conversation with your friends and family yet about the election, to make sure they’re registered and discuss this and other measures on the ballot? Measure M is a really big deal, and you can play a part in determining whether it becomes a reality or not!