Equity Survey Results Reveal Need for Improvements to the Bus Network

Big News: EnviroMetro’s Equity Survey results are out!

This equity survey was designed to support Metro’s Equity Framework development — to hear directly from Angelenos about where they think Metro should prioritize its future investments. Overwhelmingly, survey results stressed the demand for investments in the existing bus network through more frequent and reliable service, as well as first-last mile infrastructure improvements. Read the full report here and check out the infographic summarizing its main findings in English and Spanish below (also available here & here). 


 Our Metro PAC representative, Bryn Lindblad, Associate Director of Climate Resolve, presented the report on the survey findings at the Metro PAC meeting today (3/13) and sent a letter with survey-supported investment recommendations to the Metro Board, their transportation deputies, and key Metro planning staff. Recommendations include increasing the accessibility, frequency and timeliness of bus services, as well as improving amenities such as shade structures and seats at bus shelters. Metro has the opportunity to incorporate similar equity-based outreach methods as it updates its Long Range Transportation Plan, which outlines future transportation investments, and we are excited to see how this survey will inform future Metro decisions.

The entire Equity Survey process has been a joint effort by the members of the EnviroMetro Coalition, and we want to thank everyone from the EnviroMetro Core Team to survey respondents for your role in helping realize equity-driven transportation decisions. To help get the word out about the survey findings, please feel free to share the social media content compiled here. Want to express your thoughts on the report? Comment below or e-mail us at envirometro@climateresolve.org.