EnviroMetro Policy Motion Victory

Our environmental policy motion, “Environmental & Sustainability Efforts to Further Metro’s Goals to Reduce Emissions, Clean the Air & Improve Urban Areas,” passed unanimously (6-0) on February 18 at Metro’s Executive Management Committee meeting!

The motion is comprehensive and establishes:

  • New mechanisms to guide Metro’s efforts to reduce air pollution, greenhouse gases, and vehicle miles traveled
  • Requirements for stormwater management best practices and use of local, sustainable materials on all future Metro capital projects
  • The creation of a matching funding program for the advancement of a regional active transportation network
  • A strategy for deploying clean technology in goods movement corridors as well as renewable energy generation at Metro’s structures
  • A process for collaboration with nonprofits and other stakeholders in the development of metrics for measuring the challenges and successes of implementing the motion

While the motion does a really good job of incorporating many of EnviroMetro’s key policy positions, some areas still need some more work in the months ahead. Those include:

  • Establishing a Transit to Trails Action Plan to expand service to public lands
  • Instituting a Regional Advance Mitigation Program (RAMP) to coordinate projects’ biological disturbance mitigation efforts
  • Converging infrastructure planning between public agencies to achieve co-benefits in a coordinated way

On Thursday, February 25, the motion will go before the full Metro Board for a vote, and we hope to see many of you there to show your support and the strength of our coalition.